Covid – Exponential Fits

I have listened to the morning news and the UK government are starting to back pedal a little about so-called “freedom day”.

The quality of fit for exponential growth continues to improve. This empirical fit predicts ~55,000 cases on freedom day. It does not include any factors such as mass quasi-religious-football-events at the Holy Shrine of Wembley.

The quality of fit for the French data is poorer, but the numbers here are on the up as well. We have ~ 4,500 as opposed to ~35,000 per day.

Once again the UK is leading and will climb the Covid case number chart, pop-pickers.

The so called Delta variant is here and if I understand it correctly the Lambda variant is in the UK.

I know let’s fill Wembley Way with pissed up, sweaty people gobbing on each other with glee as the spirit of 1966 is reborn, ING-GER-LAND…

Whisky Tango Foxtrot…