I may have to buy some T-shirts…

Aside from socks and pants, I haven’t bought many clothes since we arrived here. I had to buy a smaller pair of Levi’s 501 after my accident because I lost ten kilos. They are now back on. I did buy a couple of pairs of combat trousers from a military surplus company. They are very good value.  In the summer I wear desert combats, in the winter black Levi’s.

As an aside a French guy, obviously military, gave me a good long look recently to assess which country my combats came from. They are US issue.

I usually wear T-shirts either with or without a black jumper. I haven’t worn a “formal” shirt in over 2.5 years. My suit has not seen the light of day. I have not been garrotted by a tie. I really don’t have a neck to speak of.

“BMI = 32.4. Your result suggests you are obese” says the NHS web site. I am back at 95kgs, 210lbs or 15 stone.

This means that some of my T-shirts are a tad tight.

I have been bulking up because of all the gardening. This BMI thing has been a point of conflict with numerous G.P.s over the years, mostly the men. They put my height and weight into their calculator, and it says “obese”. So, in a Pavlovian fashion they suggest that I lose weight. They do not open their eyes and look at my physique, they just go into parrot mode. When I suggest that most of the weight is muscle, they get offended. Oh dear, someone has questioned their Deity.

The problem with a tight T-shirt is that it accentuates bulk. Of late I have noted people staring at me. Around here people are small, wiry, and built for stamina. I am built to shift vast amounts of coal or slate by hand in a confined space. In fact, I had real problems buying a leather jacket a few years back. I could not find one with big enough sleeves for my biceps.

I am nearly 60 and yet I still bulk up readily.

I am not a big fan of the popular colour schemes in men’s fashion here. Mustard and maroon are a bit off.

Perhaps I’ll go on the Zambezi.com web site and see what I can find.