Are You Self Aware?

It has been my experience that people, in general, are not overly bothered about developing self-awareness so long as their ambitions and desires are mostly met. It is always someone else who needs training, never the quasi-perfected being in charge.

This means that many people have blind spots. So easily demonstrated by the so-called Johari window. The self-diagnosed omniscient cannot imagine that there are things that they do not know. When I was doing transferrable skills courses “senior” geezers were advocating them for the masses. I sat there thinking “bro’ you are more in need than those you are advocating it for”.

Self-aware means many different things on many different levels. I doubt my understanding of this term is the same as most people.

Why would people bother developing self-awareness when all their whims are met?

I keep seeing this sign all over the place.

What do you think, do you have any blind spots?