Radioactivity Dream 13-7-21

This is the first of two dreams with the theme of radioactivity.

I am in a government sponsored nuclear research facility with my father {who is dead in real life}. In the dream he is much younger and still has his ginger hair. I can sense that the lab is a negative pressure one so that nothing escapes.

All around people are moving. They have blue surgical like gowns and yellow gloves. Their hair is in clean room style hair nets. The temperature is air conditioned below ambient, much like the operation theatre where I had my cancer removed. I say that it must be nice to work here in summer, to come in off the street to this cooler atmosphere.

Someone is showing me how to use the elbow taps to wash my hands and dry them. I am then to put on a pair or yellow inner gloves.  I will then put a yellow outer glove on and fill the gap with a high atomic number, Z, fluid. This will give me hand protection from the radiation. I will test that I have put the fluid in correctly with a small x-ray machine. If the fluid has been done properly my glove will be opaque to X-rays.

I say to the woman that this may not work for because I am radioactive. I already emit alpha, beta and gamma particles. She asks me to explain. I say that I am radioactive not because I am inherently so, but because of my interaction with someone. I “caught” the radioactivity from them.

Just remembered this whilst writing up the next dream.

The people in the facility go in search of a Geiger counter so as to ascertain the level of my radioactivity.

Dream ends.