Some Dark Jewels or Shortcomings

28 Abuse of Power
Active Shortcoming: Cruelty
Behaviour: Imposition, insensitivity, sadistic, vitriolic, aggression, sarcasm
Passive Shortcoming: Self-abnegation
Behaviour: Callousness, cold, unnurturing, harshness

29 Abuse Generally
Active Shortcoming: Oppression
Behaviour: Forcefulness, greed, coercion, aggression, playing the Blame Game
Passive Shortcoming: Fixation
Behaviour: Infatuation, romance, fanaticism, narrow-mindedness

30 Manipulation
Active Shortcoming: Lust for…
Behaviour: Sexual manipulation, covetousness, lewdness, power hungry, love of intrigue
Passive Shortcoming: Corruptible
Behaviour: Easily seduced, fraudulent, degenerate, depraved, decadence, perversion

31 Reason/Logic
Active Shortcoming: Bigotry
Behaviour: Dogmaticism, disbelieving, intolerance, assumed understanding, selective perception
Passive Shortcoming: Prejudiced
Behaviour: Discriminating against, preconceptions, distorting the truth, indulgence

32 Disharmony
Active Shortcoming: Inertia
Behaviour: Anarchy, nihilism, discrediting, slander, gossip, interrupting
Passive Shortcoming: Entropy
Behaviour: Apathy, indifference, carelessness, negligence, slothful, confusion, laziness