From Another World

My dreams over the last two mornings have seemed to me to be from another world.

My world is gardening, DIY, cooking etc.

There is no high technology, less venture capital and very few embassies.

Today we have been banging pipes and listening with the stethoscope to test connectivity and I have changed the car battery. The car isn’t going yet but I have a few more ideas.

It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that my patent application has been translated into Japanese. It occurred to me that the kanji I saw were initials. When a document gets passed around, back in the days of paper, it was not uncommon for those who read it to initial to demonstrate sight of.

The only orient today was in the foreign foods section of Carrefour, which has expanded of late. The lady on the till was also from one of the French Asian former colonies.  We bought kimchi and udon.

We had a wayward shopping trolley who we christened Boris {Alexander}.

Reverse engineering is not uncommon.

The only way to contact me would be by letter.

If I get a letter from Japan inquiring about my application I will be surprised. I may have a whisky tango foxtrot moment.

Right now, because I have been standing for much of the day, my hips are aching badly. I can hardly move.

When I have rested a little, it is out with my trusty wok for Turkey stir-fry with udon.

Two years ago, just before the summer holidays was the last personal contact I had with any French Tech. I bust my hip end of August and now here I am, going wild in the country.

Sounds like a song…

Life is weird…

Shit happens…

…and then you die.