Difficult to Accept?

I have a hunch that many people have a real problem accepting things, circumstances, which differ from how, in their opinion, they should or ought to be.

This is another way of saying that people can have a problem with reality.

In the previous post I have outlined our near complete social isolation. It does not compute for many.  Outside of supermarkets and tradesmen, since July 2019 I have spoken with two people face to face on a social basis once, two people on a tax basis once and one man and his dog once.

In Autumn 2019 I interacted with various medical profession people.

I haven’t had any Skype / Zoom action in months.

This is reality.

If I had managed to keep my job and not get sacked for under-performing, I would be earning around £70 k a year. This is assuming that I would not have gotten promoted. If I had become a big cheese, which looked mucho unlikely, I would have a monthly salary in excess of my current yearly income.

It looked like I would have been taken off the research scale and made teaching only. People wanted to massage the RAE input.

Why is that so difficult to accept? For me it is not. Shit happens, man.

Because the wife speaks better French, I hardly have to talk with anyone.

I have merci, bonne journée and au revoir off to pat.

Tomorrow we will do “click and collect”, I will problem solve on the gate and maybe the Peugeot. We will not talk or interact with another soul until Monday afternoon, when a nice lady will stick needles in our arms.

On Tuesday morning we will “click and collect” again.

And in all likelihood, this is how things will pan out for the ensuing months / years.

Why is this so difficult to accept?

It is mundane reality…

Just like this…