Moderna 2, South African “Gift” and Six Rolls of Tape

This morning I had the urge to perhaps prompt the outfit specializing in motorised gates. I had ordered a replacement Printed Circuit Board {PCB} over a month ago. Then I had a hunch that it wasn’t needed and lo and behold a little present from South Africa was in the mailbox.

The circuit board is now installed but the gate isn’t functioning yet. The installation was done by someone from the John Wayne School for Cowboy Electricians, so I am going to have to bite the bullet and check every connection and maybe sketch out a full circuit diagram for future reference. That means patient systematic head must go on. If I can fix it, we will save an expensive engineer call-out.

I bought six different coloured rolls of insulation tape to colour code the central heating system. The earth tape is for steel, yellow is for copper, red is for hot tap water. There are three heating rings, downstairs is blue, the middle storey is white, and the top floor and one middle level radiator is black. The newer pipework is copper. They removed the stairs and installed a downstairs toilet. Because the building was once two lodgings there were two boilers. The current installation has only one and this was bodged into the existing systems. Behind a wooden panel we found the concealed pipework so now we understand the system, fingers crossed.

Luckily there were no bodies behind the panel, unluckily there wasn’t any treasure either.

On Monday we get our second shot of Moderna coronavirus vaccine. Both of us had some side effects from the first dose. Then we will get a “double vaccinated” QR code which will enable us to go indoors into restaurants. It seems unlikely that we will ever use it. We haven’t left Brittany in over two and half years. Because I was partially broken, I doubt we have had more than six coffees out since August ‘19. We will have to wait and see if we get side effects.

Thai green curry for tea…

And at 27degrees I can see an ice cold Hoegaarden or two, in my crystal ball.