31 ˚C – Covid Passport – Cancer Follow UP

Today we have 31 ˚C in the shade and have just returned from our second anti-Covid vaccination. I am feeling a little lightheaded and it is too hot to do any gardening.

We have both got one of these an EU Covid Passport.

This means that we can in principle travel

This morning I have had a full blood test to prepare me for the next part of the medical merry-go-round. I have a gastroenterology appointment on Monday to set in motion yet another visit to the chimney sweep, or in other words get a colonoscopy. I have been tested for carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA). I’ll find out either later today or tomorrow whether my CEA levels are elevated. There is always a mild trepidation.

I found out that the number of colonoscopies has been down due to covid which means that death from colon cancer will be up in due course.

In conclusion, roughly 250,000 fewer colonoscopy preparations were dispensed during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic in France. Deleterious consequences on morbidity and mortality related to gastroenterological diseases, such as colorectal cancer, are to be feared.”

It seems that they do them under general here. So, I guess I will be visiting and anaesthetist too.

« La coloscopie est réalisée sous anesthésie générale ou sédation (anesthésie légère). C’est pourquoi une consultation auprès d’un médecin anesthésiste est obligatoire, huit à dix jours avant l’examen. »

When I had my hip done it was under local, but since I stopped smoking, I may be eligible for a general. And yes, I get to simulate a major localised dysentery outbreak, self-inflicted with my old “friend” Picolax.

I watched the last six on the “telly” so to speak. Fibre optics, screen capture, refresh rate and instrumentation are interesting to me.

I like to see what the polyps look like, if there are any and yes, I did see my own tumour, six years ago now.


It will be interesting to see how the French system approaches this…