Is Surveillance Thoroughly Justified?

What do you think David and Julia, is it?

This surveillance culture is starting to pervade, dash cams, doorbell video, CCTV.

Here there are, currently, many fewer cameras, than in spy-cam central UK.

For example, if instead of being a loved-up hippie dude, I was planning a campaign of terror, then maybe it might be justifiable to monitor my words in case I am up to no good. But if I am just chilling and maybe teaching a little that is a whole different pile of cod.

What do you think Tom and John, is it thoroughly justified?

If you are trying to get people to try something new and they persist in being in a quasi-paranoid Le Carré world is there anything you can do?


They will not heed your warnings because “they know best!”

This surveillance of me because you want to control things is karmically bad for you.

I have warned you, there is nothing else that I can do for you.