Some Speculations on a Sunny Day

It is hot and sunny here and we are both cowering inside with some strong side effects due to our second Moderna injections. My arm is aching like my shoulders did after a rugby match {I was front row}, and I have a mild fever which has gone down with some paracetamol. I am feeling a bit clammy.

I’ll make a statement; it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the current pandemic is still raging in 2025. The so-called whack-a-mole approach will have failed. The virus might evolve so as to evade the antibodies produced by the vaccines.

In his works The Tibetan outlines a continued externalisation of the “hierarchy” into the lower three worlds and onto the physical plane. That externalisation will include accepted “disciples” and “initiates” of various degrees. There are more first-degree initiates, than second degree and so on…

{I myself find this nomenclature a tad archaic as it has other connotations.}

Some of these are already walking amongst us and we may not even notice, we may disregard what they say and even treat them poorly. We may exhibit severe prejudice towards them because they are not like “us”.

Some will have to “go first” as it were and mark the way, gather data on living in dense matter and in proximity to un-evolved beings with all the wear and tear that ensues.

If you think about it in terms of the Normandy “landings” there will be a spearhead followed up by an increasing number density. This means that new types of being are being incarnated right now and others in reaching their maturity are beginning to understand for what purpose they incarnated. As a speculation the incidence of disciples and initiates is higher among the younger beings. They may not be aware of their previous “training” {yet}. The problem is that the tea and cucumber sandwich approach of many spiritual societies does not light their candle. It is old fashioned, fancy a slice of Battenburg cake anyone?

Those going first will as ever, bear the brunt.

If you take the entirety of The Tibetan’s oeuvre it is internally self-consistent and discursively widespread. Whatever kind of intellect produced that is not like a “normal” Jack or Jill or even a professor at a top university.  {I have met a few.}

How might one interact with a “mind” like that?

I am not a historian but one might think of a century a little like a year, in this instance we are towards the end of winter getting ready to sow in spring for things to ripen after 2050. It will be a shame if it is too hot to harvest because the crops have been seared by the heat.

It is unlikely that I will still be here in ~ 30 years’ time.