The Centennial Meeting of 2025

In the previous post The Tibetan is suggesting that a light stimulative touch from Shamballa was causal of the stimulation of the evil inherent in matter such that it precipitated, as a reaction, the great war of 1914-1945. Darkness does not “like” light. During that period there were a vast number of disincarnations and the destroyer aspect of the first ray of will to power wrought havoc across the planet. Two of the major initial protagonists have first ray personalities, namely Germany and Britain. That is why they still niggle each other so. 1966 and all that.

Since that time the destructive power of the global arsenals has risen by multiple orders of magnitude.  Of late the USA has somewhat lost its way in geo-politics and Britain has withdrawn to become an island “fortress”. They have both demonstrated a selfish me-first attitude. There is not much altruism for therein is an absence of buck.

It was hoped that these two nations with second ray love-wisdom Souls might lead the way out. That hope does not look so well founded at this point in time. The USA has acted like a bullying adolescent and maybe Britain has withdrawn into its pipe and slippers thinking. Let those bally foreigners get on with it, we will do our own thing.

Two countries, China and India, have first ray Souls, they are also nuclear powers and the most populous places on earth. If the “battle” shifts to the plane of the nation’s Soul the consequences could be devastating numerically, to understate.

Russia and USA both have sixth ray personalities, ever strident about whose ideology is best, that is why these two piss each other off so very much.

If you were attending the centennial meeting at Shamballa in 2025, what would you suggest?