The Planetary Causal Vehicle

What caused this planet, is it simply gravity?

What organised it into its current state, pure chance and random happenstance?

Does the planet want to change and evolve and are we screwing it up like the infection we are?

We could take the analogy of a viral epidemic to create an analogy concerning what we as a fast-replicating species are doing to the planet. We are causing it to have trouble breathing, reducing the available oxygen and giving it a fever {global warming}. We are killing off species.

Is that not a very rough analogy for what SARS-CoV-2 is doing to us?

So, the planetary causal vehicle has brought the planet together into a form which we call earth.  It then has to repel the personality of earth and infuse it with its Soul or causal vehicle. The planetary causal vehicle needs to take the “steering wheel” away from us.

That in which we live and breath and have our being is but the thought form made into matter of the planetary causal vehicle. And just as our bodies get microcosmic {nanoscopic} infections it too gets microcosmic infections, us.

We talk about getting back to normal as if it is our right.

But isn’t our normal precisely that which is fucking up the planet?

What if the planet continues to develop antibodies to us, sending us more floods, more droughts, more wildfires, more pandemics?

What exactly will it take in order to make us listen?