The Planetary Logos

Here are a couple of mentions of The Planetary Logos from the “blue books”.

From: The Rays and the Initiations – Part Two – Section Two – The Aspirant and the Major Initiations

Our modern civilization today (under the hammer of the destroyer aspect) is being changed; old things are passing away, having served their purpose. The new thing is not yet noted or appreciated, though already present. The work of preparation for the planting of the germ or seed of the divine will on Earth is nearly over; when the Hierarchy is externalized, and men as a whole recognize the position on Earth of the Christ and of His church “invisible” (the union of all souls made perfect, which is a true description of the Hierarchy), then – in a manner unforeseen by humanity – Shamballa will assume control, and from the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara will issue forth the Sower of the seed; He will sow it within the ground prepared by humanity, and thus the future is assured, not for the planetary Logos alone, but for that greater Whole in which our planet plays its little part. That moment lies ahead in the civilization which shall be, and in the next great race which will emerge out of all our modern races and nations, the sowing will take place. The next race will be a fusion of the whole, and a worldwide recognition of the One Humanity is an essential prerequisite of the sowing. It is the creation of this universal recognition which will be one of the major tasks of the reappearing Christ and His attendant Hierarchy. When the “little wills of men” are beginning to respond on a measurably large scale to the greater Will of the divine Life, then the major task of Shamballa will become possible; nevertheless, prior to that, humanity must respond to the light and the love which are the preparatory streams of spiritual energy and which are already pouring forth in response to human invocation.

In comprehending the planetary initiatory processes as instituted by the planetary Logos, men must relate them to the great crises which have occurred in all the races of men. Just as the initiate-disciple passes from one initiation to another through a process of continuously leaving behind those aspects of the form life which have been destroyed by him as useless, so humanity leaves behind civilization after civilization under the stimulus of the evolving purpose of Sanat Kumara Who initiates constantly that which is new and that which will better serve His will. Men are apt to think that the whole evolutionary process – including the development of the subhuman kingdoms in nature – is merely a mode whereby men can reach perfection and develop better forms through which to manifest that perfection. But in the last analysis, human progress is purely relative and incidental. The factor of supreme importance is the ability of the planetary Logos to carry out His primary intention and bring His “project” to a sound consummation, thus fulfilling the task given to Him by His great superior, the Solar Logos.

From: Discipleship in the New Age II – Teachings on Initiation – Part IX

There is one point which is oft overlooked, but which I gave to you earlier, and that is the mental approach to initiation. So much emphasis has been laid upon the love quality of the Hierarchy, on its being the expression of the second divine aspect, that the hierarchical mentality (if I may use such a phrase) is frequently forgotten; yet it is a law – closely related to initiation – that “the work of the initiate is carried forward within the ring-pass-not of the Universal Mind.” I would have you give these words calm and mature consideration.

The planetary Logos works – as far as his manifestation, the Earth, is concerned – from cosmic mental levels; all that is manifested through his Creative Word is his focused thought and his fixed mental intention. In order to create a material world, he directs his thought from what can be regarded as the concrete levels of the cosmic mental plane; the whole process is one of precipitation, consolidation and irradiation.

All the initiatory processes through which the disciple must pass are primarily concerned with the thought of the supreme, incarnating Deity; that thought demonstrates as the will-to-good. The disciple’s progress from one initiation to another imparts a gradual unveiling of the divine Purpose, as it expresses itself through the hierarchical Plan and manifests that quality of love (the will-to-good) which gives to the Purpose and the Plan warmth, its magnetic appeal, and the major attribute of healing. It might be said that the Purpose of the planetary Logos, as it emanates from his high place under the impact of his will-to-good, is redemptive in nature.

This theme of redemption (which underlies all the initiatory processes) is hidden in the karmic responsibilities of Sanat Kumara; stage by stage, initiation by initiation, the disciple arrives at an understanding of redemption. First of all, he learns to bring about the redemption of his threefold personality; then the concept enlarges along paralleling lines as he seeks the redemption of his fellowmen; later, he shares the redemptive work connected with all true hierarchical endeavor and becomes an “active part of a redeeming Ashram.” At the later initiations, and after the fifth Initiation of Revelation, he sees with a new clarity some of the karmic liabilities which have led the planetary Logos to create this planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle; he realizes then (and with joy) that this little planet is essentially unique in its purpose and its techniques, and that on it and within it (if you could but penetrate below the surface) a great redemptive experiment is going forward; its prime implementing factors and its scientific agents are the “sons of mind who choose to be the sons of men and yet for all eternity remain the Sons of God.” These “sons of mind” were chosen, in that far distant time when the fourth kingdom in nature came into being, to carry forward the science of redemption. There is a true historical and spiritually esoteric significance in the words in The New Testament that the “whole creation groaneth and travaileth together in pain until now, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God.” St. Paul is there referring to planetary purpose and to the determined insistence of the Sons of God that eventually – as they brought about the redemption of substance, of matter and form, and thus proved the possibility of that redemption through their own transfigured personalities – their reward should be their eventual manifestation as expressions of divinity. For this purpose and with this goal in view, they instituted the great evolutionary process of initiation, thus producing a continuity of revelation and of enlightenment. In reality, the period of time at which the final initiation is undergone is simply a climaxing, triumphant demonstration of the realization and purpose of all past experiences; it is fulfilment (by the One Initiator) of the first promise ever made to the “sons of mind” when they originally started their redemptive work, and is “a sudden blazing forth of the individual glory and its merging at initiation with the glory of the whole.”