Notions of Reality

What do you reckon are your notions of reality the same as mine?

If you look at the post previous, you will encounter what might be termed the foundation blocks of my notion of reality. I’ll wager that it differs from the vast majority of human beings on the {this} planet. This is simply because they believe in the collective view, the socially conditioned and therefore quasi-acceptable norm.

I have stopped the world, gotten off the merry-go-round so to speak. I am not so dizzy anymore.

To see me walking down the street I look like any other mid-fifties geezer, a bit beaten up like an old car and maybe more meaty than most. I can talk to you within the context of your collective view, about the weather, the rugby, coronavirus and the times. I could even do some physics or chemistry.

I can join you temporarily in the madness of the dream.

If you assumed that I thought like you, perceived the world as you do, you would be foisting your “world lens” in your mind onto my abilities to perceive and assimilate what is transpiring.

Fundamentally there would be {probably} a massive assumption gap, between what you assumed was going on and what was. You would not believe me even if I told you this.

We could debate who is the craziest, me or you. It would possibly be more important to you that you want to win this debate, I might even let you think that you have won. I could acquiesce to the infallibility of your Spock like logic.

Because I do not care if you deem me crazy or whacko.

If someone removed one of the foundation blocks of your notions of reality, it is possible that you would become anxious and bewildered. If they took away another, your whole house of reality could come tumbling down and you may metaphorically {or in reality} crap your pants. You might imagine you were having a bad trip.

I can, should I so deem, be ultra-sensible and act like a high technology entrepreneur, I might even shave and put on a suit.

What do you reckon are we on the same page, in the same book or even the same library?