Rules, Wildlife and Pegasus

We watched the Dominic Cummings interview with Laura Kuenssberg, it was quite an “insight” into the goings on at number 10. My guess is that Dom is an INTJ. It was fun, at least for me, watching the miscommunication. I suspect Ms. Kuennssberg is an S type. She was trying to get an Ni dominant to satisfy her S type “fact” orientation. Her style of questioning did not really draw him out. It is possible that I could have elicited more.

Trying to get a P type (Boris) to make a plan and then stick to it, is like trying to juggle eels. No wonder Dom has no hair.

Here in France, there is a to-do about the Pegasus spyware, traces of which have been found on the ’phones of Macron and the cabinet. This obsession with wanting an “edge”, the inside track, it seems is a major shortcoming of our times. That voyeuristic snooping orientation is aback much so-called “reality” TV. I am watching you, but you don’t know that. I have the power…

Now going out the back door is more dangerous. Two of the baby swallows have partially fledged. Mum and Dad are great at aerial acrobatics, and they can whizz past your head safely. Juniors are not yet skilled in the art, so the danger of bird / head collision is higher. Soon there will be seven of them flying in and out of our passage. Of late the swallow gang have bee hanging in our ‘hood. A whole bunch of them gather on our TV aerial. I have counted ten on occasion and they chat away to each other before taking an on the wing drink from our pond.

This morning the heron was flying in and about to land. He saw us and headed off. Just now he was back at the far end of the pond. So, I am guessing this huge laborious flyer will be a regular visitor. Mr Electric Blue the Kingfisher has been around too. Last year we saw him take a fish maybe 15 metres from where we were standing…

In France they are putting vaccine passports and negative PCR tests as a requirement into the legislation. The handling of pandemic here has been marked by far greater clarity than the let’s wing it approach the other side of the channel. I suspect that the French personality ray 3, active intelligence and the French soul ray 5, concrete knowledge, have a hand in the preference of the nation.

Keeping all your options open sends a very vague wishy-washy message. I read this morning that 1 in 4 Brits are deleting the Test and Trace app. I suspect that number 10 has now lost the compliance of the UK public. When the need comes for the next lock-down we might see a lot more Agincourt salutes.