Problem Solving

Before I get into this, I found a sign of our times and our selfish orientation, on Wales Online

“Welsh dog rescue centre inundated with Yorkshire Terriers as lockdown eases.”

The unprecedented demand for dogs and puppies during lockdown has caused a spike in surrenders and strays.

“Unprecedented demand for dogs and puppies during lockdown often being met by low welfare breeders and unscrupulous online sellers, followed by the easing of restrictions and the financial impact of Covid hitting some families hard has created a real welfare crisis for animal welfare charities.”

I need an excuse to go out for a walk, I know I’ll get a dog and when this is over, I’ll dump it.

It seems that the theme of problem solving continues. I am still having “fun” with the vintage gate motor. The controller card goes through all the right set up protocols, opening and closing the gate and the encoder detects the end points. The motor is working fine. But when I exit the set-up program it triggers with the remote, two seconds later I hear a relay click and the damn thing doesn’t budge.  I fitted the replacement card and this one will not even do the gate limit protocol. There is probably a problem with the 250-euro inverter.

At least we are not paying engineer call out costs.

Because the mobile reception is poor, I had to drive half a kilometre to call.

The South African telephone help line guys have an idiot guide to talk you through. Once you have done all the steps they suggest, the case gets escalated to a product specialist. So, all being well I’ll get a call back. They don’t know that I have fixed power supplies for Nd:YAG and Excimer lasers.

The Peugeot had an engine warning light so that has gone to the garage.

The plumber who has promised to drop by to sign the quotation has failed to materialise, in a diffuse French way. He will need to redo the quote because our understanding of the plumbing system has changed. He says that he can do the work “probably” in September.

We can’t finish decorating downstairs until the plumber has done his thing, that is on hold.

In any case France has gone into its usual summer “shut down” where it is difficult to get anything done.

There are a lot of bits, unfinished and pending so to speak. There is a kind of inertia. It is a bit scrappy.

I guess all we can do is keep applying until we get some progress…