What Will the World be Like When I Next Incarnate?

Watching the flooding in China on the TV the wife asked this question.

There is debate as to the time between incarnations, some suggesting immediate, others suggesting some time delay. If my addled memory serves me right, then the gap is something like 5-600 years according to the Tibetan. The gap gets smaller as one nears liberation. The only immediate incarnations are those in skilled meditators as per the Tibetan Tulku tradition, which is not the bulk of humanity.

This means that those of you who are coming back, will be coming back around 2500-2600 AD.

My paternal grandfather used to say that he was privileged, he got to walk in front of a car with a red flag and yet see men on the moon.

The technological change in my lifetime has been vast, but one could argue not as significant in difference. From no cars and planes to spacecraft, is perhaps bigger than from cars, computers and spacecraft to well, more of the same. Of course, biology and medicine have changed vastly, and we have the blessing/curse of mobile ‘phones. The sky is full of space hardware.

Given the vast numbers of people on the planet and what we are doing to it, I suspect that there may well be a truly massive disincarnation event during the personal pralaya. The planet cannot sustain this number of humans indefinitely.

When you come back the world will be a very different place, assuming that there is still oxygen and water. Humans may have had to adapt to living in ways currently unforeseen.

People are worrying about 2050…what about 2500?

Unless we reduce, and vastly so, this consumer vampirism, we will suck the planet dry of “blood”, of its essence. There is no need for a massive, huge, posh show-off value car. There is no need to fly to Barbados to take a picture of yourself in a bikini to put the image up on your social media for your friends to like and your enemies to troll and body shame.

{Anti-social planet killing media. How many servers are needed to publish and transmit the vast quantity of fatuous data around the world. Do these servers not have cooling fans to keep the chips working?  Does that heat need to be extracted with air-conditioning? Does this use shit loads of electricity?}

Humans may be living only in places high above sea level where there is no flooding by the sea, but where flooding by rainfall might happen.

It might be wise to invest in Dutch dyke building companies.

The only answer I could give to the question that made any sense to me, was the world will look vastly different from how it does now, and humanity will have had to change.

Who knows what human vehicles will be like then?

Who knows what form human beings will have?

Not me…