Tokyo, New York and Berlin – Arrivals

Prompted by the Olympic games in Tokyo I checked back in my passport. According to the stamps I have been eight times 1995, 1997(3), 1998 2000 and 2001 (2).

I have a knack of being abroad at strange times. I arrived in Tokyo on the 26th of March 1995. It was the only time that I have been there when the subway was nearly empty. The Sarin attack had happened on the 20th of March. People were a bit nervous still.

I arrived at JFK New York September the 27th 2001. It was deserted, more security than customers. It was not long after September 11th and people were not happy flying again, yet. We drove on the highway past where the Twin Towers used to be.

On November the 9th 1989 I was in a hotel in Laredo Texas. My friend Simon was shaving in the bathroom. I was watching the TV.

I said, “Simon, man, the wall in Berlin is being torn down.”

“Stop taking the piss…”

“No man it is for real, come and see this!”

So, we went across to Mexico to have a skin full of beer.  Simon nearly accidentally got himself a wife because he had a green card and a Mexican woman was offering her daughter. By accident we had gotten ourselves invited into a local wedding party by a man we met in a very rough bar.