Power by Association – Is It All About Email Address?

This morning I have been contemplating how often I have been ignored as a private citizen. It seems to me that this is because I have no power by association. I am pretty much the same geezer I have always been.

But if I write say to some academic, some business or some organisation as a private individual my email does not get answered.

If say I had an @harvard.edu or and @ox.ac.uk email extension, I’ll wager that a higher percentage of the emails that I sent would have gotten answered. The number might rise from 4% to some 90% or so {my speculation}.

For example, I wrote to a Professor in India asking about his nonlinear crystals. He never got back to me, but if my email with exactly the same content had come from one of these prestigious addresses, he might have thought he would have something to gain from getting back to me, some power by association, some off continent kudos.

Because I am not associated with an entity, I am a non-entity.

I know that these academics are busy, but even when I mention my former abodes the email does not get answered. This is perhaps because they intuit a scandal which isn’t really there.

Way back any postdoctoral job application advertised on the web used to generate hundreds of applications mostly from China. Vast amounts of email.

I could buy the right to use an email address associated with a tech. incubator. Which would make me seem like an entity when in fact I am still an individual.

Is that really it, will people only respond to emails if they might get some power by association to an institutional entity?

Seems to be a fair-sized part of it.