Adénocarcinome, métastase – vocab for tomorrow.

I have been doing a bit of preparation for my visit to the gastroenterologist tomorrow. Of course, everyone here speaks French and that includes the doctors. It is best to have a list of words…Last time, due to Covid, I had to go in alone. The wife speaks better French than I and it useful to have a second pair of ears. We shall find out what the sketch is tomorrow.

Here they tend to do colonoscopies under general anaesthetic. My liver function is a bit off according to the blood tests which is most likely to be due to pandemic wine intake, but it could also be a sign of metastatic liver disease. No so likely given that my operation was six years ago.

Given the pandemic it is possible that there is a queue for colonoscopies. They probably have a fast referral system for those showing initial symptoms of colon cancer. I will probably not be at the front of that queue. It is nearly August and things slow down a bit.

If I am going to be assessed for general, I will need to visit an anaesthetist and have my kidney function tested. So, it will back to the nice ladies at the biology lab… there are a few more visits to go before the irreversible joys of bowel prep…

Overall, I have been mightily impressed with the level of diagnostic kit they have in the small regional hospitals. And what is more they always give you a copy of the data, it is not quasi-secret, as it is in the UK.

OK we shall see what tomorrow brings…