After the Swallows

We have been a couple of days without swallows and have been gradually starting to use our passageway again, instead of walking the long way round.

The empty nest.
First pass clean of the guano…

It looks like the nest is here to stay:

“Les personnes tentées de détruire des nids d’hirondelles à cause des fientes, de grippe aviaire… risquent de fortes amendes car elles sont protégées au niveau européen. Les amendes varient en fonction du nid, s’il est vide, avec des œufs, des oisillons… L’amende minimum est aux alentours de 1 000 € pour un nid vide et allant jusqu’à 12 000 € avec une condamnation pour un nid habité.”

I have read today that pairs often use exactly the same nest for a second brood. There should just be time before they head off to South Africa.

One study showed that 40% of pairs returned to the nest the following year. {There are probably fatalities during migration.}

So Mrs Swallow will be back sitting zazen soon or we shall have to wait until next spring…