Le Sentier des Douaniers and 41 Years

“Avec un littoral de 13 km et trois grandes plages de sable fin, Perros-Guirec jouit d’une vue panoramique sur l’archipel des 7 Iles, l’une des plus importantes réserves ornithologiques de France.”

This morning although the Meteo said rain I checked the webcam at the coast. This is the live feed, check it out:

It wasn’t raining, so we went. It is pretty spectacular!!

It was without doubt the most people we have seen in over a year. We are not used to people,especially the noise and proximity

I first came here ~41 years ago, camping with my family. I was waiting for my ‘O’ level results which would arrive on the doormat at home whilst we were in France. I would get home on my birthday to open them. Strangely enough I got an A grade in French language. My mother was annoyed with me that during the holiday I did not help them out ordering in restaurants. Perhaps this was a first hint of my introversion, maybe I was being a sulky teenager.

There were Germans, Dutch, Belgians, Spaniards and French from all over France. I hope the businesses up there can make a few quid this summer. No obvious signs of any Brits but I did spot a suspicious looking Fred Perry shirt. Previously, pre covid, there has been a whole heap of Brits.

On the way back we noted that we haven’t had a coffee in a cafe or bar in around a year. Our last face to face social interaction was at the same time. The last meal we had out was pre-pandemic.

Turning into an eccentric couple of recluses, methinks…