No Referees

Scrolling through the vetting forms it becomes apparent that one would need personal referees to satisfy the vetting procedures, people who have known one for a good long time and who are not spouse or partner need to be able to comment on you. There must be an element of currency of referee. This means that they can’t be a teacher at school from the previous century or a colleague from over a decade ago.

It is perhaps unlikely in our times that I have nobody that fits the bill. Nobody who could offer any meaningful statements as to the current nature of my character. I could get medical reports.

I encountered this problem when looking into jobs. I would engage people in discussion as to the type of referees they sought and then when I explained that I had worked for myself as a tutor and that the best reference I could get, with any currency, would be from a parent of a “A” level student whom I had taught, spot the lead balloon. It saved me the time of filling out forms on numerous ocassions.

It is a complete non sequitur in our day and age and in a western democracy that someone could not have ANY suitable referees. That is the case. An aikido teacher might have been able to comment on me in aikido class but nothing professional or personal.

A “hermit” does not mingle.

As a consequence, I get the yellow or red card and am sent metaphorically off the pitch into the sin bin.