Security Vetting Dream 26-07-21

I had a bit of a sleepless night and had this strange dream this morning.

In the dream I am looking in on a meeting where for whatever reason I am being discussed by two smartly dressed individuals. One of these is male and the other, younger one, is female.  They are going through some kind of security vetting protocol and for whatever reason my name has cropped up. They are looking through a file and this includes some of my past addresses. They do not seem to have my current address.

There is a discussion as to whether they need to find my address and if I need to be interviewed, if someone needs to have sight of me. They are surprised that I have “disappeared” but not in a dramatic way. There is a bit of a non sequitur but not much concern.

The dream then re-iterates from the opening scene. No decision as to what to do has been made, yet.

I awake thinking “that was a bit weird…”


This morning I have done some research in to UK vetting levels. In real life I am tangentially linked to the vetting process by family.

This requirement of my address is consistent with normal UK vetting protocols so there is an outside chance this dream is linked to physical plane reality in some way.