Different Perspectives and Mental Blind spots.

I’ll make a general statement. Have a think about it and see if you agree with it or not.

By and large people are completely unaware as to the extent of their lack of self-awareness.

What do you reckon?

Things can be funny or not depending on where you view them from. What is deemed funny AND socially acceptable changes with time. Many of the TV programmes I grew up with are now laden with taboo materials. For example, you can’t say the N word, many of my erstwhile Rastafarian acquaintances break this rule on an hourly basis.  Does this trend mean than in time the name Nigel will be banned? Will the surname Blanco get outlawed? Soon it will only be the gingers we are allowed to mock.

What is funny can pivot depending upon whom the joke is. This is a variable beast.

People within cliques can develop their own sense of “humour” which does not transfer well out of the clique. Others can find this “humour” utterly abhorrent. People in laddish groups say some weird shit which they get upset about if you said it about their sister, wife, or mother. There is a mental blind spot as to who is “fair game” for humour.

I know for a fact that people have laughed about me behind my back. Not one of them has had the balls to do it to my face. If they did, “do you like hospital menus?”, I might inquire. Something might be funny in the safety of a gang or clique, but it loses its humour when face to face with a 95kg ex-martial artist. So, humour depends to an extent on personnel and location.

I’ll wager that if someone was laughing about something which I did not find funny, all I would have to do is give them a Paddington-stare. Laughter would turn nervous.

Smug elitist people find things amongst themselves pertaining to the plebs, amusing. I have heard it said that Boris is talking about “chain gangs” for the yobs. Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra. Where does he find references like that? What century, which decade is he in? What is funny among the Bullingdon club, will not wash down the Miner’s Welfare Hall or at the Jamaican Pentecostalist Church.

People gob off and say all kinds of shit which they think funny, it might be entre-eux but it does not wash outside of clique-mind.

I’ll make a further general statement. What do you reckon?

Cliques prone to group mind are even less aware of the extent of their lack of self-awareness than the average individual.

That is because WE are always and irrevocably right whereas you and everybody else are wrong and patently so. After all we congregate on Olympus.

Groups which bio-accumulate people of similar personalities and ways of thinking never have anyone within the group question clique-think so they became every more convinced of their infallibility. It never occurs to them that the lack of diversity is a very real weakness. They can become myopic and proud of it.

I’ll end with a question.

Have you ever laughed at something in the safety of your like-minded chums that you would never do when surrounded by people you do not know well?

Do you believe that this is a good quality of yours?