Breakthrough From a Parallel Universe

It is happening again and has been doing so for quite a while.

Here I am busy organising my pre-operative coronavirus test, or using the two-stroke industrial strimmer, or peeling the vegetables and I get breakthrough from a parallel universe London and what I think of as “impox”.

I am picking up consternation, palaver and maybe fear. There is some pow-wow, discussion, whatever.

In some bizarre way it pertains to me. I have no idea what they want, what they hope to gain, what they are after.

There is no way of fixing this, it is not broken, it just is.

Time on the macroscopic scale cannot go backwards.

One cannot step into the same river twice…

All those profs and cheeses….do they not see that if they are talking about me behind my back, they are in effect bullying me.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness which created it.”

Sierra sierra delta delta