The Mole Diaspora

This morning I opened the volets and the sliding glass door. I stepped outside onto the patio and looked up the hill and there it was a bloody great mountain. Well not really, it was a molehill. The earth was fresh and wet and had appeared overnight. Up there I have already placed three traps and I know what I am going to be doing after lunch.

At the other side of the garden over 100metres away there is the pampas grass. As I passed it this morning guess what, more molehills. There is already one trap there.

It looks like the moles are on the move as long as there are not Avogadro’s number of them it should be OK. There is also one on the far bank of Le Jaudy, which I will leave for now.

Moles are territorial and once a brood reaches maturity they have to piss off. There is some kind of diaspora. Because there are no resident moles in our property, they feel free to invade. They are taking over the ‘hood.

Encore une fois je vais devenir un taupier…

It will save us a couple of hundred euros.