What if…

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am fond of the so-called “blue books”. If I had read them in say 1994 at the age of 30 when I was trying hard to get my career as an academic moving, it is unlikely that I would have been susceptible to them. The astrological flavour of some of them still does not work for me, because it does not light my candle. There is plenty in them that does speak to me and profoundly so.

What if I sat down with my erstwhile science colleagues and tried to get them to appreciate the content without a priori prejudice? What if I started talking about Atlantis, the Great White Lodge on Sirius, the Hierarchy? Do you think that my words would fall on fertile ground? Or would they deem me a whacko and a nutter? I suspect that Atlantis would be a lead balloon…as a starter for ten.

Would I be the next David Icke to them?

What if I went on further to say that a Master, an initiate of high degree, told me telepathically that this is my last incarnation on this planet, that I had been a close disciple of Siddhartha and told me of my other lives? What if I said that St Germain “told” me that he and I had worked together in my life immediately previous? What if I suggested that I no longer have a causal body, hence I will not be reincarnating?

Do you think they might pass me the telephone number of a respected psychiatrist?

But what if all of the above paragraph is true, what are the implications therefrom?

Would a “normal” management style have any applicability? Would normal “politics and leverage” in any away be useful?

Is it really a “problem” that I live as a “poor” eccentric in rural France?

It isn’t to me. Though it might be perceived as problematic to others from within their own narrative framings.

Is it more of a problem if the paragraph is true or if I am completely loopy?

What if…