Understanding Context – Non-Vanishing Probabilities

I’ll make a statement which I can in no way prove.

I have on many occasions been able to see a bigger picture view than most others and from time to time I have by intuition foreseen how things might pan out. If I have taken the time and trouble to sketch this out it has in nearly all cases not been believed, it has even been mildly ridiculed. Then when what I have foreseen happens, people tend to forget that they have heard it from me.

I am aware that there is a small non-vanishing probability that our lives could change because of my patent application. There is a big IF. If someone wants to do some of the broad scope of things outlined in my application and they read it, there are implications and potential knock-on effects. Say for example a multinational developing technology wants to use the IP, they could get in contact with me and offer to buy the technology. They could ask me to further develop some of the sketchy ideas therein.  It would then get out into the public domain that this weird geezer with my background was living in the Breton countryside. There is the obvious question, “how come this dude is living there like that? He did what? He quit from there, really?” There will be ripples.

A whole new theatre of inquiry could open up.

But here in this little eddy of the internet, everything is OK.

My dreams and a “vision” have pointed to me being a reincarnation of a named person, one of Siddhartha’s crew, so to speak. Now if somebody took that likelihood seriously it would open up a whole new kettle of fish. That would be big news especially given my erstwhile career.

Take the two things above together and have them co-operational then who knows what could take place.

I am aware of the context in both these worlds, so to speak.

I have suggested as a possibility that I have had “telepathic” contact with a dude who is at least 146 years old because in his writings he said that he took the fifth initiation in 1875 as an old man. Let’s say old means 54 so that makes him ~200 years old as measured by earth clocks.

People who have claimed such things are subject to controversy. I haven’t claimed it I have suggested that it is one possible explanation, which is an entirely different thing.

Again, I am aware of the context having studied the “blue books” for over twenty years. If you are new to them there is no way that you will get the scope of them. It would take you several years to get even a good hint.

Any one of these three contexts has a non-vanishing probability of kicking off in an exponential manner.

The likelihood, as it currently stands, is that very little will change. So, although there are non vanishing probabilities, they are pretty damn small and therefore unlikely.

I am however mentally prepared for things to get strange quickly.

I am pretty fluid and have loads of time on my hands…