What is Newsworthy?

I guess this depends upon what you are interested in. It seems that when somebody posts a bikini picture to social media, that is newsworthy, if a soap actor starts a new relationship or gets pregnant that is too. Since Biden’s win, the news has been a lot calmer without Trump.

Here a boy in care was abducted by his father and it was all over the local press. There was a heavy police presence at the local roundabout yesterday morning, they do sub-machine guns here. They were both found alive and well near here.

Way back when I lived in Buckinghamshire, they were doing a “consultation” about Municipal Solid Waste-Energy from Waste Incinerators with the intention to place one possibly near the village. We lived in the schoolhouse, which was adjacent to the village hall, the old school. Both of these were gifts by Rothschild to the village. The villagers concerned about the impact an incinerator might have on property prices formed a protest group the Aylesbury Chilterns Resistance to Incinerator Development (ACRID). They were having a meeting in the village hall one evening. I the newbie to the village walked in and asked if they might need a scientist / chemist. All eyes on me, yes.

And so, I went to all the county wide anti-incinerator meetings. There was a lot of money, a lot of high functioning people. There were some people, quasi-experts, speaking at mass events. I wasn’t over impressed with them. I got access to the library at Warwick university and in one day downloaded enough to write this and submit it to the DEFRA subcommittee at Parliament.

EFRA Committe Submission 2007 – Yesterday’s Solution.

One of the principle actors in ACRID was a Welsh man high up in the BBC who was able, allegedly, to alter the schedule so that programmes on incinerators started to appear. I suggested to him that they got children in “masks” and their mothers, similarly attired, to protest outside the local council. This made the local news.

ACRID organised a mass campaign of letters and emails to councillors and MPs. The idea was, partially, that I was in the back pocket and could be brought out to debate. I figured that I would present well, with gravitas. In the space of around a month I read very widely on incinerators, The Stockholm Convention and EU directives. I shared some of my understanding with another protest group elsewhere in the county.

I played a part in the incinerator being placed somewhere else and am owed a favour. The TAFFIA can look out for each other.

It has occurred to me that some of the content of this blog could be newsworthy…

I was struck by an article this morning on a new divide, there are those who want to get back to “normal” and those who are happy for ongoing restrictions and home working. We have been speculating that the former are the extraverts, and the latter are the introverts. The extraverts need interaction to energise more than the introverts.

I wonder if anyone has tried to do a poll to see if these correlate…