The Covid Yo-yo

Numbers in France are increasing specifically in the overseas territories, Corsica and the South. I know where I would be going on holiday if I was French. I would come here to avoid the plague density. We are still at one part per thousand. I wonder is the yo-yo damping and how many more oscillations there are to go?

Over the next three weeks or so I am placing myself in the riskiest positions yet. Although I have had two Moderna vaccinations I also have four medical appointments. I will have to leave the compound.

On Friday I go to see the anaesthetist. Next week I go to see the dermatologist to have what might be basal cell carcinomas inspected. These were caused, possibly, by being hit by frequency doubled Lambda Physik Fl2002 and Fl3002 dye lasers. Whilst aligning the Ultra-Violet beam the UV struck my left hand on several occasions. UV and DNA don’t mix all that well. The dermatologist may cut them out there and then or I might be back for yet another appointment. Then I get a coronavirus PCR test and if that is negative, I get a colonoscopy to check for polyps and cancer.

This means that I will be in proximity indoors on four occasions before the end of the month.

It is a bit of a whirlwind…