Driving License, Medical Admin, and an External Link

In its typically exact but mildly unhelpful way I got an email prompt from the French government admin. today telling me that some of the required documentation for my French driving licence application was missing or unsuitable. It did not say what. A couple of hours later we have tracked down an approved doctor who will test my faculties and if they are OK, make an attestation to that effect which I can add to my application. As usual there is always some decent reason behind what is asked of one.

We have just made an appointment to have our chimney swept, the first available one was end of October.

Getting medical appointments is prone to delay here. The secretary to the doctor isn’t in until Monday, so we have to ring back. Fingers crossed I’ll get an appointment before the UK photo licence runs out end of September.

Because I am probably going to have a general anaesthetic in a little over two weeks’ time, I have an appointment with an anaesthetist soon. I spent the bulk of yesterday afternoon sifting through my medical files to write them a chronology of the knife and of the endoscope. I have gathered up as many pieces of paper as I can lay my hands on. We are getting the hang of the system a little. It is better to be over documented rather than to have an appointment cancelled and then have to wait for another couple of months.

I have been wondering why one of my posts has been getting a lot of hits, see just to the right. Someone has made a Facebook link to it. Thanks…People who have not heard of a three-pronged nagal, now have sight of a part of the first insight.

I am getting ready to speak with someone speaking a language which I am not overly proficient at about a potentially life and death situation and we will both be wearing surgical masks. They may have higher grade PPE.

What an odd life…