40 Euros, a Bit of Patience and ROI

I finished mole catching just before the rain came down. I was reflecting on how we have saved some ~ 400 euros in Taupier {mole catcher} fees already this year. It seems they are on the move early spring when they wake up and August when they have their diaspora. For ~40 euros worth of traps and a bit of patience we have already recouped our initial investment and presumably so long as I am able, will continue to save. Today I caught a mole at two of the sites. I have left them up in the corner for the magpies.

Down by the pampas grass I was remembering my favourite hotel in Tokyo, The New Otani.

Many moons ago, around 240 in fact, I went to Semicon East, the biggest semiconductor trade fair in the East. The idea was to talk to Nikon, Canon and Gigaphoton all of whom were looking into next generation lithography and Extreme Ultraviolet {EUV}. I had a home designed EUV source operative in the basement.

As bold as brass I walked up to their stands in turn and said that I/we had an EUV source operating at comparable efficiencies to others. The slick PR meet and greeters looked through their contact list and found someone to talk to. They took down my travel plans, my hotel and room number and said that someone would be in touch.

I did not know it but because of its location the New Otani was considered classy but not too ridiculously expensive at something like 300 euros a night today for a standard room. By accident I had stumbled upon good protocol. My martial arts Sensei had a few errands for me. He sent me in search of rare Iaidō (居合道) footage at various martial arts shops around Tokyo. He was something like fifth dan in various Ryu. I got a warm welcome at these shops.

Sure enough and good to their word I had several meetings in the foyer of the New Otani. {Neutral territory} It was all bowing, ultra-polite and card swapping, first date stuff. I was to go back for more formal meetings later. The CEO subsequently picked an American hotel in Shinjuku, more expensive and not as classy. He started to lose us precious brownie points by being like this.

Anyway it was with a wry smile that I knelt, not in Seiza (正座), digging up my mole traps. I have come a long way from the New Otani, I thought.