B.1.621, the Tortoise and the Hare.

On Reuters today they have been talking about how seven very aged people, in Belgium at the same care home, all unwell yet twice vaccinated have died from the B.1.621 version of the Kappa variant of Columbian precedence. I guess where the cocaine goes so does this. They have yet to fully assess how/if it is more deadly and more transmissible.

When the various UK tory ministers started harping on about the brilliant, world beating, vaccination programme I thought to myself “Oh dear”. All that hype, showing off and posturing, tempts fate and gives a false sense of how thoroughly the UK is vaccinated. People will think we don’t have to worry our world beating vaccination programme has made it safe. I don’t need to get vaccinated.

So now the UK’s world beating vaccination programme is in seventh place in the European table of percentage doubly vaccinated.  It is no longer world beating. There is this premature ejaculatory response of British politicians looking for the popularity upside. Look at me/us gee aren’t I/we clever.

A bit sad if not partially inevitable.