Fate and the Wrong End of the Stick

This is surprisingly difficult to put into words, but I’ll have a go.

Over the years various people have asserted that I am various things, and offered their opinion of / on me, my motivations and even what they think I am all about.  People have acted upon those opinions which have in the fullness of time turned out to be wildly erroneous. There have been and still are consequences of those opinions. The one thing that has been lacking is any effort to check those opinions particularly if they align in the manner of confirmation bias. So, I’ll make a statement

People tend to believe a whole bunch of stuff without checking it for themselves.

This is partially due to laziness but also includes some degree of wanting to be socially accepted. If for example you belong to an antivaccination group or a group of people prone to think like that, it is unlikely that you would question the anti-vaccination dogma. You might then write on a placard and go on a demonstration just to have a nice day out shouting and marching with your pals.

People can wilfully get the wrong end of the stick particularly if it suits them so to do.

It is possible that people can in the heat of a moment join in with the herd and say things about people just to go with the flow. No engagement of brain, simply joining in with the flow of conversation aligning with the tide. Later there may be some regrets or consequences of being hasty and ill considered. It is unusual, because of the need to fit it, for anyone to question overtly group mind. This can lead to some shame and a lowering of self-respect. People will live a lie in order to fit in and not upset the applecart. Convenience often outweighs principle.

Of late there has been a lot of emphasis on genetics and genomes. It is one of the miracles of modern science. Several diseases have a large genetic element and genetic screening is increasingly playing a part in prophylactic medicine. Colon cancer has a genetic element to it. The field of ancestry research enables one to do a home DNA test and then look for relatives on the internet.

This opens up a Pandora’s box of deceit and mistruths which can be proven inaccurate. I have on occasion wondered if my father was actually my father, because we were unlike in many aspects, and I do not have arthritis yet. I’ll never know, and I am not all that bothered.  Under certain circumstances assertions can be scientifically tested. There is the polygraph which if I understand it correctly is more widely in use in the USA than the UK. I was fated to be born into the family that I was. It provided me with the basis of this life and because the itinerant nature I developed my inner chameleon.

I have a mild hypothesis concerning fate and it is along these lines.

The main outcome, the fruits of a fate, are only harvested towards the autumn of life. This is when the karma fully ripens and bears fruit. We cannot know beforehand, but many are in for a surprise.

In Buddhism there is the story of Chunda the smith. When Siddhartha visited him, he offered, unbeknownst to him, some off boar. Siddhartha took it upon himself to eat the bad meat and so precipitated both an illness and his para nirvana. Chunda had a truly staggering fate which was to facilitate a great event. Others might say that he killed the Buddha, but he didn’t he was a steppingstone. So, fates can be much stranger than we think.

I am wondering now that I am autumnal as it were, what if anything fate has in store for me. I am kind of waiting for something, I don’t know what.

Not sure I have entirely verbalised this yet. I’ll come back to it…