Can One Be Devoted to Scientific Doctrine to the Point of Idealizing It?

I have joked that “science” is akin to a religion, indeed the politicians say “we are following the science” in a similar manner to how they might once have apportioned something to God’s will. I have also suggested that I am akin to an heretic and an apostate. But actually, I still have faith in scientific inquiry. I understand what “science” in terms of natural sciences is useful for and when it fails. You can’t measure a Soul not even with a state-of-the-art £250k femtosecond laser. I could joke that I have tried to do this using one of these. I know how to drive one, it is good for somethings but not for others.

A long time ago, as an experiment, I asked a version of the sixth ray questions {see previous post} to someone I knew was a sixth ray being.

I posed them in good nature Elephant to Wolf, as it were. Needless to say, I got a few snarls for my efforts. I predicted that this would happen. My prediction was borne out.

It is nigh on impossible to converse in a meaningful way with anyone fanatical in their devotion to something, some way of thinking, some way of living.

Fanatics are blind to their fanaticism and see it only as a virtue. Every other Mike Foxtrotter on the planet is wrong, by fanatical definition. It is the sixth ray that helps one don a suicide vest. It is the sixth ray that makes one go on an anti-vax protest. It is the sixth ray that sends thousands to death on crusade in the holy land. It is the sixth ray that sends helicopters and GIs to Vietnam and Afghanistan. It is the sixth ray that sends nuclear warheads to Cuba. It is the sixth ray that bombs the foxtrot out of Gaza. It is the sixth ray that drove the conflict in Northern Ireland. It is the sixth ray that sets the fans of Celtic and Rangers at each other’s throats.

In what ways might you be blinded by your own idealism?