Is Projecting Malevolence Causative of Karma?

Many people feel thoroughly justified in getting angry, utterly pissed off and as a consequence they can wish people ill.  If other people do not do what they think they should and they don’t get their own way they can want someone, the evil transgressor, dead or to suffer or to burn in hell.

If I understand it correctly this kind of thinking lies aback trolling, whatever that might be.

Someone can switch from friend to a sworn enemy in an instant. Many have very poor control over their tempers. This can go hand in hand with entitlement issues. If people do not get what they imagine they are thoroughly entitled to, they can throw their toys out of the cot, sulk and generally behave poorly. Not for one second do people in a tantrum imagine that there are consequences not only to their thoughts but to their vituperative bile. People used to getting their own way lash out emotionally when this does not occur.

They pollute the emotional or astral plane with their vehemence.

Those prone to profound loss of temper may not be aware that they are actually participating in a form of black magic. By projecting ill will at another being they are doing voodoo. Tell that to your average middle-class westerner having a meltdown because of the traffic, they won’t believe you. They may not be pointing a bone at someone, but they are directing ill-will.

This causes damage.

Because of the boomerang effect, what goes around comes around.

Malevolence is a close relative of hate, there is enough of that in the world already.


Have you ever projected malevolence at another being?

Were you thoroughly justified and within your rights so to do?

Did that bastard utterly deserve your vehemence?

Do you imagine that there might be karmic consequences from such an episode?