Mice and Guru Rinpoche

Prompted by the goings on last night I have started back with the Mantram for Guru Rinpoche.

“Om Ah Hum, Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum”

In principle I have an empowerment for this. You can see its purpose below.

For the first time I circumambulated the pond chanting this mantram in Deep Voice. I have never done walking chant before am I am very happy with the results

I was quite surprised at the depth of feelings it generated.

The Tantric web of life which connects all beings has had a little tickle from me. I am good to go again if there is need in the wee small hours.

The sit on mower has been making some alarming noises so we did a diagnostic and this is what we found!!

It looks like Mousey McMouseface has been chewing on our drive belt. We are going to have to borrow a trailer to take it to see the wizard at the Emerald City. Well, no not really, the workshop at our local farming cornucopia “Espace Emeraude”.

Tomorrow if am going to have someone look at a few potential Basal Cell Carcinomas. In my crystal ball I see local anaesthetic, a scalpel and some stitches in the course of time. I reckon they will want to cut at least one of them out for biopsy.

Depending on what happens there, we will be going back and forth with the mower.

I wonder is there any more weirdness to come and will I have to switch to Vajrapani, the scary blue dude…