The Mystery Gloves, a Whiff of Malevolence, and the Protective Dome

I had a rather unsettled night last night, awake for many hours. During that time, I gave some thought to a pair of white latex gloves I found under our Yew hedge.  A few days ago I strimmed the land which is adjacent to our property. The grass had gotten quite long and untidy. In doing this I discovered a pair of white latex gloves almost placed under the hedge. Quite why they would appear out here in the countryside is a bit of a mystery. The gloves had what looked like residue from engines. Yesterday I put on a clear latex glove and transported them to our rubbish bin. The rational being I did not want to risk touching them as I did not know their provenance. We have been having a few mechanical problems, with the cars and the tractor lawn mower. In the wee small hours, I wondered had someone been deliberately causing these.

Anyway I drifted off to sleep and in the twilight between sleep and waking I felt a malevolence directed at me of some magnitude. This prevented me sleeping, I immediately awoke.

I then proceeded, with some difficulty I might add, to build the thought form of a protective dome of blue electric fire around and over our dwelling. It took several goes because the directed malevolence was disruptive to my efforts. The intent of the protective dome is return to sender. In other words if anybody is directing malevolence at me it reflects it back to them. After I had spent about half an hour building this thought form I was able to nod off again. I did not incorporate into this thought form an amplifier. I will check on the thought form on an off during the day.

Looks like some more weird stuff is starting to happen again….