Liquid Nitrogen Burns, O Rings and the Medical Merry-go-round

I have two liquid nitrogen burns from the visit to the dermatologist yesterday. Two keratoses were “burned” off by the dermatologist. They are now stinging a bit due to salt from sweat. Because I have already had two basal cell carcinomas (BCC) removed the protocol is to cut / burn early. I am due to have the potentially laser caused one removed at the end of August by local anaesthetic and knife. This means I get to watch, and it is very interesting for me to watch someone dextrous do this. Have you ever watched someone really skilled doing stitches in your hand? It is fascinating.

They are much into prophylactic medicine here which perhaps explains the high life expectancy. Because I had southern hemisphere childhood exposure and two BCCs before age 50 I am now in the annual review for skin cancer programme.

All this means that over the next ~three weeks I have four medical appointments or RDVs.

Covid Test, colonoscopy with anaesthesia, await biopsy result if any thing harvested, removal of skin lesion, await biopsy result and then visit to general practitioner doctor to whom I will be able to show my fresh scar on my left hand. I am guessing four to five stitches, which may need removed. Otherwise is will be the new glue method of closure.

The legacy Karcher high pressure washer has been a bit flaky. We have been considering buying a new one. We managed to get it going today so it is not the pump. One of the good things about having worked with ultra-high vacuum and toxic gasses like arsine is that one is tuned into fittings and things. When I undid the high-pressure lance there was a knackered O ring. A new nozzle costs 80-90 Euros!  If a less than one euro O ring solves the problem tomorrow I will be a happy bunny.

Here is hoping that a simple change of O ring solves the problem.

Lamb Tagine for dinner…

It is smelling pretty darned good.

Time to give the pot a stir…