Avoir Les Oreilles Qui Sifflent

It is back again, that sensation of people talking about me and waiting on some plan which they have put into motion. It is most bizarre. We have 28 degrees and not a breath of wind and yet there is that weird sensation from over the other side of the channel. I am going to finish my apéro and then go and do some watering in the evening sunshine.

We have been having a bit of a clean out of late and it is probably time to get rid of my ‘phone. Last year T-Mobile closed my pay as you go account because I wasn’t making any calls or sending any texts. This ‘phone is of ~2006 vintage and has served me well in the past.

The battery still works!! But I do not have a personal ’phone number nor a phone account. Our French pay as you go ‘phone acts as our land line. On average we put 60 euros a year on it, it is cheaper to do this than have a plan because all the plans have way more time and data that we might ever use. I really have not got the hang of it yet. I prefer buttons to touch screens.

In fact, I don’t think that I have spoken to anyone on the ‘phone for nearly two years. The last time I used the ‘phone was to call the emergency services when I fell and bust the neck of my femur.

I had my first personal email for two months this morning and it confirmed what I said to the wife a few days back. I had had a premonition in the night about what was mentioned in the email.

The garden is in parts thirsty. Le Jaudy is close to the lowest I have see it. But bizarrely the level of the pond is still high-ish. We have an industrial grade Kawasaki water pump that has ten-centimetre diameter tubing. One tank of gas for the pump, talking water from the river, is about 10cm of depth to the pond. It looks like we may be doing this soon for the very first time this year!!

But we can’t do it on a Sunday unless we do it between 10 and 12 in the morning…

This time next week, I will have had my first COVID PCR test and be looking forward to a Sunday evening of eviscerating laxative fun.

What a strange old world it is…