A Subtle Shift in Geopolitics?

I was watching the developments in Afghanistan on Al Jazeera this morning and it looks to be quite a mess. I found out that there have been three Anglo-Afghan conflicts before the 2001 invasion. One can’t help thinking why people invade? Do people not learn from history?

I was reflecting on how the stature of the USA has fallen in the last 18 months or so. The election which one of the participants says was fraudulent has shown a rather silly side to US politics. Ironic, USA does not like the elections in Belarus and yet a president protagonist claims fraud at home. Whatever moral high ground the USA thought it had, has been sharply undermined now. People don’t like this kind of thing. They remember.

All around the post “intervention” chaos can be seen.  Regime change leaves a power vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum.

When I think of the Taliban, I am reminded of the Fremen warriors in Dune. They live in caves, are mighty elusive and fearless. I wonder, did Herbert have partial visions of things to come?

The previous US administration threw an almighty spanner in to the climate change works. It did this at a critical juncture. There is not much time on the clock and there is now a growing leadership vacuum.

The UK in doing Brexit has by way of making a fissure reduced its influence in Europe.

Merkel is retiring.

There is a French Presidential next year…

I guess China and Russia are just keeping quite and letting the west shoot itself in its own feet.

In a bizarre world after Britain, Russia and now the USA have had a crack at Afghanistan will China have a go?