Geneva Piazza – Secret Service Dream 16-08-21

This is the first of two dreams with a secret service / checking up on me theme.

I am standing in the middle of a large open piazza which I know to be in Geneva Switzerland. The piazza is largely empty, and I can see the alps from there. There are some long stairs leading down into the piazza. It is well lit and there is a feel of early spring to it.

Around the edge of the piazza are several groups of two men. The men all have overcoats on and are turned towards each other talking privately. Some of them have hats on. It is like a scene from a Graham Greene or le Carré spy novel or movie. I know the men around the square to be British, English and some kind of secret service personnel.

A middle-aged black man who is dressed casually is riding a bicycle around the square. He approaches me and starts to circle me at a few metres distance. He does this a couple of times. I ask him, “Is something going down?”. He says yes and gesticulates with his head for me to follow him out of the square. He heads for one corner of the square and I follow him.

Dream ends.

The second dream is much longer and much more jumbled.

A part of the dream had men similar to those around the square check a hotel room I was about to enter, and it had the theme of people checking up on me.  There is a sensation that something is now in motion apropos of this theme.