Sense of Entitlement and Complacency

The recent events in Afghanistan have shown once again how some tory politicians struggle with the / any notion of reality. For the second major crisis in a row, the first being the pandemic, they have been caught asleep at the helm, having photo opportunities with athletes or being slow to come back from holiday.

It is so very, very complacent.

It is not serious we can bash the bally Taliban posse.

Kabul will hold until I catch a few more rays.

Don’t worry about Covid 19 it is just flu…the kind that sends you to St Thomas’ hospital in an ambulance.

What a bunch of jokers trying in their complacency and entitlement to wing foreign policy on the hoof.

Foxtrot Foxtrot Sierra!

Uncle Boris was more interested in trying to make friends with “the very stable genius” than thinking about the implications of withdrawal from / for Afghanistan. That populist shit can be lethal. It causes prevarication and an unwillingness to make timely meaningful decisions without multiple please can I change my mind often get out clauses.

All this laddie pissing contest behaviour is not effective government.

Those who feel entitled to manage and rule are probably the very ones, one would want not to.

I got a “blue” don’t you know…

Loath as I am to say it the UK could have done with Thatcher Thatcher, Milk Snatcher this last two years or so. Being a trained scientist, she would have taken the pandemic seriously and acted fast. Being somewhat bellicose she would not have imagined that Helmand was a “Five Go to Smuggler’s Top” jaunt.

Please pass the jolly hockey sticks old boy….

 It is really foxtrotting serious if I am willing to write something like this is a public blog.

 Save me from bloody men…please.