Cassita – Anya Dream – 18-08-21

This is the second of two dreams from last night and has a dream within a dream.

I am at and academic conference with Cassita. We are sharing a hotel room but are not lovers. She has the appearance of being South American with dark hair a flowing triangular skirt and a lot of ethnic jewellery including large earrings. She is telling me that she is not happy because I have not been giving her enough attention, spending a lot of time at the conference. I say to her that she has been cold shouldering me.

We go out for a walk, and she storms off down a shopping arcade.

I have a meeting with an ex-student in a piazza. He is now in personal development and is being sued by a rival company for using what they deem their propriety technology. He is not worried because he knows he has done noting wrong. As we talk his CV falls out of his briefcase. I pick it up off the ground, it is extensive and fairly heavy. I say, “wow you really have been busy”. He says, “yes”. He puts it back in the briefcase and we return to the conference hotel.

I meet some American professors there in the lobby. The conference is ending, and they would like to see my prototype. I go over to the front desk and ask for my key, under my name and room #442. The key is out but Cassita has left a note to say that she is in the room.

We go up to the room and knock on the door. Cassita is dressed in a bath robe and has wet hair. She is getting ready for the flight home. On the back of the door are hanging two circuit boards with LED displays and some wiring. On the desk is a computer keyboard and a small monitor. I show these briefly to the professors and they are impressed. They want to know what our flight number is, they would like to re-arrange it for us so that we can stay longer and have more discussions. Cassita is holding off using the hair dryer whilst they are there. I look into a pile of papers and find my airline ticket, the flight is only two hours’ time and is not changeable / refundable.

We must hurry. Cassita says that I should go on ahead with the luggage and when she is ready, she will follow.

I am now on the airport bus driving through the city. It is very Italian in feel with few high rises. I say to the person next to me, now an old flat mate, that the city is very beautiful and unspoiled. The bus driver seems to get lost, and we disembark onto a mountain top with a panoramic view of what seems to be the Andes. CJ and I are a little hesitant walking close to the edge of a precipice. I know with utter certainty that this is a dream and therefore we do not have to worry.

A small very narrow gap appears in the rock which is just small enough for me to squeeze through. This I do and I beckon CJ to follow me. We are on a platform several metres above what looks to be a research facility. I can see a step ladder on wheels and try to hook it with my foot so that we can get down.  I can’t quite reach. Two men in white lab coats see what I am trying to do. They move the ladder so that we can get down. I am known to them. I squeeze through another gap and onto the ladder. I descend to the laboratory floor.

The lab has a lot of electronic devices including oscilloscopes, and chart paper machines {think old school paper seismographs} There are a lot of plastic tubes with coloured fluid in them rigged up to some device.  A young woman is approaching with a syringe full of liquid and a very long needle. She asks if I am ready and with which arm, I wish to begin. I say the less gangrenous one. Apparently, I have been through this procedure multiple times before. I offer her my left arm and there is a big hole in the inside of my elbow joint. She puts the syringe in and presses a plunger. I can feel a vast amount of liquid being injected. After a few minutes she say that I am now primed and am ready for the next part. I ask her if there will be any side effects. “No, only a few psychic glitches after you have been unplugged.”

They plug me into the machine, and it starts to monitor my brain function and vital signs. She takes another huge syringe and places it in the hole in my right arm she again injects a vast amount of liquid.

I am now dreaming and dreaming it in.  

I am aware of the lab around me and can see all the oscilloscope screens and chart paper pens twitching. After a while the lady in the coat unplugs me and takes me to recovery. She is very happy with what has been achieved.

There is somebody at the door. We let him into the foyer. It is soon obvious he has a bad intention, and he tries to get me to fight him. He puts his revolver on the floor and beckons me to pick it up. I know that this is a pretext for an attack on his part. I refuse to pick it up. He an ex-American military man is getting very agitated. He then stabs me with a device which inflates and in so doing fills itself with a good quantity of my blood. My colleagues come to help me get away from him. He runs off thinking that he will be able to reproduce our results from my blood.

We close the large vault like doors to the laboratory and go up some stairs to a night-time square in a South American village. Some of the professors from the conference are sat there having cocktails. Somehow they are connected to the attack and want to know how things are progressing.

“Fine”, I say.

At this moment a small blue plastic container on wheels approaches under remote control. There is a soft white glow coming from it and a voice which says, “Hello I am Cassita Anya and I am very glad to meet you.”

One of the professors goes over to the container and takes out the small jewellery figure and holds it in his hands. He says that it is a hoax.

At this point Cassita Anya animates herself and stands up on his hand glowing, “Hello I am Cassita Anya and am very glad to meet you”, she says.

The professor is dumbstruck

The dream ends.