Seb. the Witch and the Monk Dream 18-08-21

Here is the first dream, a bit thematically diverse to the second one.

I am on a showground on a large country estate in England. Some kind on agricultural county show has just taken place. A few metres from me is Seb’s mother. {Seb was a tutorial client of mine.} She asks me how things are and welcomes me to their estate.  I say things are fine. Up on the viewing stands Seb appears and says Hi.

Together the three of us walk off to the main house which is magnificent. They both go on inside and I meet Seb’s father who is dressed in a very English country gent manner. “Welcome back into the fold old chap. I say would you be so kind as to park up the mower and the small trailer?

I go back to the field and drive the trailer and then the mower into the internal courtyard of the house.

I ask If I should park them in the usual place.

“Yes, you remember where they used to go, don’t you?”

I drive them round to the barn storage area where I encounter Seb’s sister and older brother.  The sister is in charge and the brother is her side kick. She says Hi and gesticulates into the barn.

I park the vehicles up and approach her.

As I get closer small dark smoky tendrils start to emanate from her and to a lesser extent her brother.

She says “Damn, that only used to happen when I was near that Christian monk from two lifetimes ago. The one who outed me as a witch!”

In the dream I know it was me who was the Christian priest monk she is referring to. She does not yet guess this.

Dream ends.