Another Bizarre Dream Snippet

I have not long returned from my first Covid 19 PCR test.  I have joined the “I have had a sample taken for PCR testing” club. According to the rubric I should know this time tomorrow if I have a coronavirus infection or not and whether or not I go ahead with the bowel preparation on Sunday night. {Oh what fun we have} The man doing the testing was an ex-pompier and spoke good English. I guess I helped relieve the boredom of doing one covid test every five minutes.

This morning I was having a dream about testing out various HiFi systems in a specialist or bespoke shop. As a part of this I “fought” with and AI robot which learned as we sparred. I was doing what is know as “stick hands” which is a Wu Shu based set of fluidity testing. The robot learned well. It was all light and fun.

Then out of the blue a man walked into the shop, and I said hello Prof. X. He said less of the Prof. you can call me by my first name. He was wearing a very smart grey suit but instead of trousers he had a formal skirt on with stockings or tights. I looked up at his face and he had ultra-bright red lipstick on. He came over to me and gave me a peck {kiss} on the cheek in a very feminine way. I checked my cheek to see if he had left a mark.

In the dream I was shocked because I think it highly unlikely that the person concerned is a cross dresser / transexual. I have not spoken with this person for in excess of 13 years. Why then should he suddenly tip up in my dream with lipstick on? I am foxtrotted if I know.

He is very much one of my contemporaries and I have acted as internal examiner for some of his Ph.D. students in the past. I looked him up on the internet and apparently, he is second in command at one of the larger good quality UK universities. Like so many of my contemporaries he has become something of a big cheese in UK science and academia, me not. You could say wasted potential or simply that I was not fated to follow in their footsteps.

It is bizarre…

Why do these snippets from the past keep intruding into the now?

Anyway, I just put the pump on, and the pond is getting its fourth tank of gas worth of water which should see it through until the autumn rains.

It is pretty rainy now so I guess I may be doing some more blogging after I have decanted the homebrew wine…