Are You Possessed By Your Possessions?

There are two additional questions:

Do your possessions have power over you?

What is the longest period of time that you can actually “own” anything from within the socio-political notions of ownership?

~ 120 years at a push…if you live that long.

The item which I am currently wearing on my left hand is likely to have the longest longevity of anything which I, according to human socio-political law, own. This is because it is a ring made from a non-reactive metal namely Welsh gold. My ring even has Celtic writing inside which says “cariad”. Unless it comes into contact with heat, pressure or mercury it will stay intact long after I have popped my clogs and done my bit to aid global warming with the fiery oxidation of all “my” molecules.

By flipping the question from do you possess your possessions to the title I have perhaps perceptually turned the world on its head. Many people are enslaved by their possessions. If there was a threat of loss many would be very unhappy and perhaps scared.

What would happen if you lost your house, your SUV or any other of “your” paraphernalia? Do you really own these items? Do you own “your” image and “your” kudos?

What exactly does “own” mean?

It is likely that your house will outlive you. So, when you die what happens to this notion of ownership?

People cling to their possessions and because of this, it is not unreasonable to say many are technically possessed by their imagined possessions. Whatever you cling to has power over you and something else, some other being, could use that clinging to leverage you. The metaphor of demonic possession by worldly goods is not so far from the truth for many.

This is why the “Precious” of Sméagol – Gollum is such a biting piece of satire on human obsession with power and material artefacts.

Power can possess one too. One can imagine that one is in control of one’s power. When in fact power itself has power over one. One starts to take on Gollum like thinking patterns.

“Nasty, sneaky hobitses…”

As a follow up question: which of your so-called belongings do you cling to the most?

What would happen if it/they were taken from you?