H−(O−CH2−CH2)n−OH, PEG and Emptiness

Later on today I am due to consume 192 grams of H−(O−CH2−CH2)n−OH with an average molecular weight of 4000 grams per mole. Tomorrow morning, I will have another 64 grams

This stuff is used in vaccines:

“A PEGylated lipid is used as an excipient in both the Moderna and Pfizer–BioNTech vaccines for SARS-CoV-2. Both RNA vaccines consist of messenger RNA, or mRNA, encased in a bubble of oily molecules called lipids. Proprietary lipid technology is used for each. In both vaccines, the bubbles are coated with a stabilizing molecule of polyethylene glycol.”

I have already had some {a tiny amount} of it when I got my Moderna jabs.

“PEG has also been used as a propellent on the UGM-133M Trident II Missile, in service with the United States Navy.

PEG is the basis of many skin creams (as cetomacrogol) and personal lubricants (frequently combined with glycerin).

PEG is the main ingredient in the paint (known as “fill”) in paintballs.”

At the moment I have a slight quandary. I haven’t yet got my covid test back and if it is positive, I won’t be getting my procedure tomorrow hence there will be no need for me to PEG it, as it were. If I take it dissolved in water it will act as a propellant for me too and enable me, in the course of time, to contemplate an alternate meaning of emptiness.

So, what do I do?

Do I place my bet on not having coronavirus and light the blue touch paper?

Once started that kind of thing cannot be stopped.

I guess I’ll keep checking to see if the results are in.

If I have coronavirus and I have consumed all that PEG it will be a double whammy…